FitYou Officially Launched! Extra motivation for the new year!

Happy New Year! FitYou is now officially launched to help you reach your health and fitness goals in 2014!

FitYou - Game your fitness

Game Your Fitness with FitYou!

If getting in shape is on your list in 2014, try FitYou as extra motivation to not make excuses and stay active!

FitYou uniquely allows individuals to compete directly with their family and friends keeping each other accountable and motivated to be more active and to help reach fitness goals. Users can challenge each other or set a daily activity goal in this easy-to-use mobile iOS fitness app. FitYou makes getting fit a game!

  • Challenge your family and friends (contact list or Facebook friends)
  • Challenge yourself with a goal to achieve a daily activity score
  • Cheer on your competitor (…or talk trash) to motivate each other!
  • Fitness tracker with exercise activity history by week, or month to show activity trends

As part of the official launch, updates include login with email or Facebook, easier ability to invite friends from your contacts, and search for other FitYou members.

Please download FitYou on the Apple App Store for FREE and rate FitYou (5 stars would be great!):

FitYou is a fun, social, and simple way to track your activity and keep yourself motivated to get in shape with your friends and family. More updates to come…

Game your fitness!

-Alex and the FitYou team

2 thoughts on “FitYou Officially Launched! Extra motivation for the new year!

  1. Interested but still feeling burned. I installed the app again, for perhaps the 8th time. Would this version finally enable me to access the FitYou experience? Why yes!

    Prior to installing the app today I was one of those potential users who consistently got the Facebook login error. I messaged by email and Twitter, and after waiting a few months I finally got a response. Unfortunately, the error could not be resolved and still couldn’t access FitYou. Others replicated the same error. These were people that I either bought a copy of the app for or I excitedly asked them to buy it.

    Yes, I did spend all of $1 on my copy of the app, and up to $5 gifting the app to others. No one has been able to make use of the app. I am discouraged, and I don’t have confidence in how well the app will perform. I’ve been shaken and feel angry. Why? I believed and hoped…and repeatedly nothing was delivered, until seemingly now.

    I’d like to use the app, but I’ve been too disappointed and burned too much. Who knows, it might be great, but the start has been incredibly frustrating for me.

    • Hi Rick, thanks so much for your comment. I completely understand your frustration and apologize for the issues you’ve been having and our ability to resolving this login issue sooner. Trust me, we’ve been frustrated too because we haven’t been able to give you and other users access as soon as we wanted to also.

      We definitely want you to be happy, and are proud of our updated version which lets people log in via Facebook or through email. We originally launched and tested with only Facebook login, which reduced the development time needed and, at the time, allowed for an easier development process to select and challenge friends. Many more hours of development and creative app design enabled to where we are today. Although we know we have more work to do to continue to improve (like always), we wanted to get this out to people like you who have been patient and excited about the app.

      So we hope you get that excitement back from when you first found FitYou, and the app can add the little bit of extra motivation you need with friends and family to reach your fitness goals!

      We’re excited to have you back, and I’d love to hear more feedback as you use it! Also, I’d love to get you going with FItYou and start a 1-vs-1 challenge, and get us both motivated! Search for me under my email address: alex.dowlin (at) gmail (dot) com.

      Thanks again, Rick, for patience and feedback! I look forward to hearing more about your experience with FitYou!


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