What is FitYou and how does it “game my fitness”? (video)

With FitYou, you can challenge your friend or group of friends on who can be more active in certain amount of time period; from one day to up to two weeks. You can also put a wager on the line to make it a little more interesting. Whenever you log an activity, FitYou notifies the others, applies your activity score to the active challenges you are participating in, and keeps the overall score for everyone on that challenge to see.

FitYou uses a simple scoring system we developed that compares activities against each other (running to yoga, or 80+ other activities) and scores points based on the calories and distance/duration of that activity.  This allows someone who likes to run compete with someone who likes to do a CrossFit class to get in shape.

There are many great apps that allow you to compete, but only if you and your friend are doing one activity like running or biking, or pushups and pullups. No apps are able to enable competition across any activity (Zumba class, hike, yoga, play basketball, walk, or P90x) in an easy to use and motivating app like FitYou.

Many people like to do a lot of different actives to stay active and get in shape, and then be able to track all their activity level over the course of time.

FitYou helps make that happen. We want to help you stay active and be healthier.

Dowload FitYou here:   https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/fityou-fitness-game-activity/id600149293?mt=8

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