What is FitYou and how does it “game my fitness”? (video)

With FitYou, you can challenge your friend or group of friends on who can be more active in certain amount of time period; from one day to up to two weeks. You can also put a wager on the line to make it a little more interesting. Whenever you log an activity, FitYou notifies the others, applies your activity score to the active challenges you are participating in, and keeps the overall score for everyone on that challenge to see.

FitYou uses a simple scoring system we developed that compares activities against each other (running to yoga, or 80+ other activities) and scores points based on the calories and distance/duration of that activity.  This allows someone who likes to run compete with someone who likes to do a CrossFit class to get in shape.

There are many great apps that allow you to compete, but only if you and your friend are doing one activity like running or biking, or pushups and pullups. No apps are able to enable competition across any activity (Zumba class, hike, yoga, play basketball, walk, or P90x) in an easy to use and motivating app like FitYou.

Many people like to do a lot of different actives to stay active and get in shape, and then be able to track all their activity level over the course of time.

FitYou helps make that happen. We want to help you stay active and be healthier.

Dowload FitYou here:   https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/fityou-fitness-game-activity/id600149293?mt=8

Why we launched FitYou… (not “just another fitness app”)


Since my wife and I are both working and busy parents of two daughters, it had been several months since we were both consistently exercising and staying fit. This was frustrating for both of us because we are health-minded people, love fitness, and prefer staying in shape because it makes us happier at home and at work.  But with two kids it’s hard to find the time, and the little time you do have for yourself it’s really easy to make excuses to not work out. Also, working out together would be nice, but not practical due to the time constraints and preference for activities. My wife loves to run, spin, play field hockey, or cross-train to get fit; I’d rather play basketball, do P90x and lift weights than run to get in shape. We were stuck.

My wife and I needed something to help us stop making excuses; get us out of bed, off the couch and out of our rut. No fitness apps we found helped us, yet.

One evening we met our great friends out for dinner. They also had kids and were in the same boat of being out of shape and frustrated.  Since we all needed some extra motivation and were a little competitive we decided to have a contest who could work out more in a two week period. The losing couple would have to buy the winning couple dinner. We chose 2 weeks because 1 was too short, but a month was too long and we felt wouldn’t have that urgency behind it.

One wrinkle to the potential fitness competition, we all like to do different things to exercise and stay active.

We were all convinced any activity had benefits (some more than others), we didn’t care what you did except that you exercised.  But we did need to be able to compare exercises fairly and relative to the amount of effort required to do that activity. So we created the scoring system that normalized the workouts in a very SIMPLE way, 1 point is equal to 1 mile, and the other exercises would be based on the activity, and it’s distance or duration relative to those points. 4 miles biked is 1 point, 30 minutes of basketball is 1 point, 20 min of Yoga is 1 pt, etc.  Of course, we knew there could be different levels of intensity, but we are focused on getting off our bottoms and doing something versus nitpicking the subjective area of intensity. Since we all didn’t do the same type of activity to get fit, FitYou provided the friendly competition and extra motivation we needed.

We worked out more in those 2 weeks than the previous 6 months – then kept going, using FitYou as our activity tracker to trend over time.

We challenged our friends a few more times, and my wife and I challenged each other 1-on-1. We made wagers of bragging rights, dinner, house cleaning, massages, and changing diapers which kept it interesting and motivating for us to stay being active.  This friendly competition providing motivation worked for us, and has worked for thousands of others as we tested FitYou. I continued to hear the doubters ask “why launch just another fitness app”, but I kept seeing people of all ages consistently use FitYou with friends and family!

We’re not dumb. We know there are thousands of other fitness apps to choose from. So we’ve been very focused to make FitYou unique and simple, to stand out from the crowd.

Fast forward a year, we are excited to launch FitYou!  It’s been a long rollercoaster with many ups and downs over the months; the ups..thousands of people testing and using FitYou as intended, and the downs… frustrating login issues for people requiring more development time and a delayed launch. With this launched version, people can now login via Facebook or with their email address. We know there are more opportunities to improve FitYou, and we will continue to make it better.

FitYou is not just another fitness app. We have an innovative and simplified scoring process, and the best head-to-head fitness game platform in the App Store.

Please join the FitYou community and challenge your friends and family to be more active.  Put a wager on the line; such as bragging rights, dinner, cleaning the house, or a cup of coffee; and remove another excuse that is preventing you from improving your health and fitness.

We hope you agree it’s not just another fitness app, and you reach your fitness goals while gaming your fitness with FitYou!

-Alex and the FitYou team


FitYou Officially Launched! Extra motivation for the new year!

Happy New Year! FitYou is now officially launched to help you reach your health and fitness goals in 2014!

FitYou - Game your fitness

Game Your Fitness with FitYou!

If getting in shape is on your list in 2014, try FitYou as extra motivation to not make excuses and stay active!

FitYou uniquely allows individuals to compete directly with their family and friends keeping each other accountable and motivated to be more active and to help reach fitness goals. Users can challenge each other or set a daily activity goal in this easy-to-use mobile iOS fitness app. FitYou makes getting fit a game!

  • Challenge your family and friends (contact list or Facebook friends)
  • Challenge yourself with a goal to achieve a daily activity score
  • Cheer on your competitor (…or talk trash) to motivate each other!
  • Fitness tracker with exercise activity history by week, or month to show activity trends

As part of the official launch, updates include login with email or Facebook, easier ability to invite friends from your contacts, and search for other FitYou members.

Please download FitYou on the Apple App Store for FREE and rate FitYou (5 stars would be great!):  http://itun.es/us/T0yXJ.i

FitYou is a fun, social, and simple way to track your activity and keep yourself motivated to get in shape with your friends and family. More updates to come…

Game your fitness!

-Alex and the FitYou team

Getting ready for the New Year!

A newly updated FitYou is coming!


We really appreciate all of your support the past few months and your feedback to make FitYou the best product possible. We are really excited about the upcoming launch of FitYou and especially the capability to login with your email, not only Facebook. This means you will be able to challenge your friends that are on Facebook or in your contact list; more people to help keep you motivated and accountable to reach your fitness goals.

Stay tuned to twitter and our Facebook accounts for more news!